Longbranch Foundation Scholarship Program for 2020

2020 Longbranch Foundation Scholarship recipients

The Longbranch Foundation Scholarship Program for 2020 includes three scholarships to deserving Peninsula High graduates (two academic and one vocational). Those students were recognized in last month’s newsletter. In addition, the Longbranch Foundation has continued its commitment to support qualified…
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Dedication Plaque installed on The Longbranch Sign

Longbranch, Washington sign

A dedication plaque was recently installed on the back of the Longbranch Sign highlighting those who contributed to its completion. Jim Olson designed the sign and the landscaping, Mark Ambler built the sign, Kim & Brook Stephens of Faraway donated…
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TLF Spring Update

I love my KP heart

We live in a wonderful community. Many individuals and organizations are working together to care especially for the young and the old. The Key Pen News has put together a lot of information to help us all – Go to:…
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The Longbranch Foundation 2019 Annual Report

The Longbranch Foundation 2020 Annual Report

Creating a Better Community   With generous donations and community participation in events, we have been able to increase the Foundation’s investment in the community and building reserves for the future. In 2019, we received donations of $29,704 and more…
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TLF March 2020 Student Program News

TLF supports students in a STEM program

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) is an important part of the curriculum at Evergreen Elementary and The Longbranch Foundation (TLF) recently donated funds for them to equip a STEM recess option for all students. Snap Circuits, Lego Science Gadgets,…
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TLF Auction Night Evening Delighted Us

THE CLUBHOUSE WAS TRANSFORMED       Congratulations to our Decoration Committee for creating a beautiful space for the Auction. Barbara Green, Cheril Allen, Lori Deacon, Tanya Perry, Sheryl Low, Jim Sobieck. Congratulations to our Marketing Guru for excellent Invitations and…
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Longbranch Foundation October 2018 Newsletter

Longbranch Foundation October 2018 Newsletter

Fresh off the press! Latest news from the Longbranch Foundation. In this issue we discuss how the community came together to produce a new sign for Longbranch. Mark Ambler and his crew collected the Cedar Log donated by Brook and…
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Evergreen Elementary Students Thank the LIC

Evergreen Elementary 5th graders thank you letters JJ

In March of 2018 the fifth grade students of Evergreen Elementary sent thank you letters to the Longbranch Improvement Club and the Longbranch Foundation for providing assistance in funding to attend Camp Seymour’s Educational Environmental Camp this spring. (also available in…
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Longbranch Foundation donates $1,000 to Red Barn Youth Center

Red Barn Youth Center logo

The Longbranch Foundation, thru a generous designated donation for Youth Activities, gave money to The Red Barn Youth Center in March. The Red Barn is focused on providing youth with programs including opportunities for leadership development, homework assistance, social gatherings,…
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