Longbranch Foundation November 2022 Newsletter

I love my KPWinter is here! Time for cocoa and fires in the fireplace and winterizing the yard. You should have received a letter from the Foundation with our Annual Request for donations. I mailed out over 300 letters to the current membership list.


If you did not receive a donation request letter, please email or call me and I will send one out immediately. In the first week alone, we received over $3,000 in donations! If every member/couple gave at least $40 we could easily raise over $10,000.


Another way to give is through Amazon Smile. If you are an Amazon Prime member or purchase anything from Amazon you can designate a portion to The Longbranch Foundation. We receive this money quarterly directly into our account and have received $790.00 so far.


Call for volunteers! The Foundation depends on the LIC for our volunteer support and this is yet another way to give to the Foundation. Your time is valuable and we count all volunteer hours towards your required hours for your membership status. We will be hosting our bi-annual AUCTION FOR EDUCATION in April of the coming year and need folks to help achieve our goals. I am looking for support/volunteers for the planning stages including getting sponsors for the event, procuring donation items for the auction and decorating and set up for the facility. Please sign up at the next LIC membership meeting or email me directly. Contact me at Sheryl.a.low@gmail.com (805) 340-7914.


Sheryl Low
The Longbranch Foundation President

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