Make good things happen


The Longbranch Foundation (TLF) and the Longbranch Improvement Club (LIC)volunteers give almost 3,000 hours per year, providing all the club activities and maintaining our clubhouse, marina, and supporting our students from elementary school through higher education.

Please consider how you can do your part to fulfill our mission to “improve the community”.


The volunteer opportunities are:

  • The TLF Student Programs Committee has various programs to support Evergreen Elementary and Peninsula Middle School students. Help design a support program for students which enhances their educational experience: understand needs; fund class trips; respond to teacher’s mini grants. Design and communicate publication of successes.


  • The TLF Higher Education Committee reviews applications and awards scholarships to Key Peninsula High School seniors and to students in higher education institutions who qualify. The committee also arranges for communication to the community the status of new and recurring students through the year.


  • TLF Fundraising: Funds to support many of the activities listed above come from creative fundraising. Currently we have a biennial Super Sale, a biennial Auction, an annual Celebrate Campaign all needing organizers and workers. Individual fundraising projects also occur and are triggered by creative thinking on your part!


  • The LIC Events Committee is always looking for help, from setting up chairs to planning parties. Set up/tear down; kitchen; hostess/host; support for TLF Fundraising


  • The LIC Building and Grounds Committee takes care of our historic legacy. Building general; grounds/garden; dock general; plumbing; electrical; painting; carpentry; handy man; heavy equipment; mowing/weeding; work parties; painting. Contact the Chair to join the next work party or take on a task of your own.


No skill is too small. A better community starts with you.


Click here to log hours if you have volunteered for LIC or TLF 


Our Committees


TLF Student Programs Committee

The current focus is on Evergreen Elementary and the Key Peninsula Middle School. Many students do not have the opportunities afforded in more prosperous areas. Our goal is to provide support where needed, provide for experiences when possible, and respond to mini-grants.

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TLF Higher Education Committee

The Higher Education Committee reviews applications for scholarship money from Key Peninsula High School seniors as well as from students who are doing well in higher education schools and have received a scholarship from us previously.

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TLF Fundraising Committees

Biennial Fundraising events are normally scheduled for the spring of each year, the Super Sale which in the past has benefited the Historic Clubhouse or the Brighter Futures Auction which has benefited the Students. Volunteer initiated fundraising events can happen at any time to benefit any of the TLF Charitable Purposes. Please contact us if you are interested in initiating or participating in an event.

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LIC Events Committee

Our Events Steering Committee plans and produces everything from concerts and dances to Fiber Arts, Trunk-or-Treat and Kids & Christmas, and supports TLF Fundraising Events. We meet on a monthly basis and you can e-mail the Events Committee or check the calendar for the time and place of the next meeting.  Everyone is welcome, especially if you have ideas, experience or talents about events. Perhaps you’d like to volunteer?

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LIC Marina Committee

It’s not easy to run a marina with guest yachters, member tenants, running water and varmints running under the decks. The very active and well-established Marina committee makes recommendations to the board regarding governance, operations and maintenance of our valuable floating enterprise. They are almost always ready to hear ideas from members and guests — and 100% always ready for volunteers to help keep our docks afloat and in good repair.

LIC Building and Grounds Committee

It’s not always easy to keep up our facility, especially given its age and size. An ideal Building Committee would include talented and energetic members who believe the stewardship of our historic clubhouse and extensive forested grounds a top priority. Gardeners, landscapers, painters, electricians, carpenters, sweepers and cookie bakers are always welcome to help clean up, fix up and brighten up our beloved historic Clubhouse, the grounds and the nature trails.

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