Longbranch Foundation April 2021 Newsletter

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As I write this newsletter on the 25th of
March, there is much activity on the
Auction web site with some items already
sold out! There is an amazing group of
volunteers working hard to make this a fun,
worthwhile event. If you have not
purchased your ticket yet, please join us
Clicking on Building Brighter Futures For
Our Students will take you to the main
page. Click on the REGISTER tab to first
buy a ticket and receive a bid number. To
bid, you need to continue on to Register –
enter your credit card information again
and set up a password.
Included with your ticket is a delicious
appetizer box catered by Tuxedos &
Tennis Shoes and your choice of a
bottle of sparkling water, red or white
wine; wine supplied by BLEND, of
course. We need to have a number to
the caterer by April 3, so buy your ticket
by April 2 to guarantee receiving a food

After you buy your ticket, complete the
registration process: Bid on a delicious
array of desserts; Go to the AUCTION tab
and click Desserts under Category. Bidding
on desserts ends April 8.
View Auction items and bid by going
to the AUCTION and ITEM SALES tabs
on the main page.

On Saturday April 10, plan on picking up
your Party Box at the LIC between 1pm
and 4pm. Auction Items will be on display
in the main hall. You can bid on items
using your cell phone.
Saturday evening, tune in at 5:45 pm and
do some last-minute bidding or click on the
LIVE tab to listen to music as we count
down to our 6:00 pm start of the auction.
Gina Cabiddu is our MC and Jeffrey Tritt is
our Auctioneer and Trivia at Home host, a
talented team for sure.
If you have questions about using the
system, go to the “How to Guide” found in
the upper left hand corner (click on three
dark lines) on the Home Page.



One of the goals of this Auction is to provide more experiences for Evergreen Elementary students. (When I was going to school, we called these “class or field trips”). Another goal is to put in place a plan to follow these students through Middle School. To accomplish this goal, we need to be successful with this Auction, as well as recruit some interested volunteers to plan and then execute. Please read Jan Prichard’s, our Student Programs Chair, message in this newsletter and consider joining her committee.



Based on your continued support we have been able to put in place a sustainable plan to award Higher Education Scholarships. This year we have set aside money to fund seven scholarships. Marcia Harris and her committee are reviewing applications March 22-26 and the Hawks virtual award ceremony is planned for May 19th. This has been a trying year, and student applications are down. We are hoping to find some qualified students for both academic and trade school scholarships.



We recently increased the number of Board members to manage TLF and there are several open positions. The mission of The Longbranch Foundation: To Inspire Collaboration and Generosity in Order to Promote Educational Opportunities, to Maintain the Area’s History and to Improve the Natural Environment. As you may know, we are a non-profit charitable organization with six charitable purposes affiliated with the LIC, a non-profit social welfare organization. If you want to know more, please visit our web site: mytlf.org


If you have any interest in joining us, please send a resume and brief explanation of why you are interested to thelongbranchfoundation@gmail.com or contact a Board member directly.

If you have any questions about or input for The Longbranch Foundation
please do not hesitate to talk with one of our Board members: Randy Carr,
Jim Hettinger, Marcia Harris, Marsha Kremen, David Zeigler, Sheryl Low,
Michele Gorman, Jan Prichard or call me. Contact information can be found on our website. mytlf.org

Thank you for your volunteer time and donations of
money to meet the needs of the community!

Support Food Market Longbranch Foundation Amazon

The Longbranch Foundation Student Program Committee (big title–very small
committee!), is looking to add to its membership.
So far, we’ve been concentrating on filling needs for Evergreen Elementary School, such as scholarships for 5th grade environmental camp, rain boots, funds for STEM education, grocery debit cards during COVID, and much more. With another committee member or two, we can follow our Evergreen students to Key Peninsula Middle School and help find
ways to make a positive difference for all the students there.
If you’d like to be a part of this effort, we’d love to talk to you! Please contact Jan Prichard at (253)884-2030 or jan@pacinfo.com, or reach out to any member of the TLF Board.
Thank you for considering this opportunity to make a difference for our Peninsula kids, their teachers and their families.
Jan Prichard
Student Program Committee Chair

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