Dedication Plaque installed on The Longbranch Sign

Longbranch, Washington sign

A dedication plaque was recently installed on the back of the Longbranch Sign highlighting those who contributed to its completion. Jim Olson designed the sign and the landscaping, Mark Ambler built the sign, Kim & Brook Stephens of Faraway donated…
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TLF Spring Update

I love my KP heart

We live in a wonderful community. Many individuals and organizations are working together to care especially for the young and the old. The Key Pen News has put together a lot of information to help us all – Go to:…
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TLF Auction Night Evening Delighted Us

THE CLUBHOUSE WAS TRANSFORMED       Congratulations to our Decoration Committee for creating a beautiful space for the Auction. Barbara Green, Cheril Allen, Lori Deacon, Tanya Perry, Sheryl Low, Jim Sobieck. Congratulations to our Marketing Guru for excellent Invitations and…
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TLF Donates School Supplies to Evergreen Students

TLF Student Program co-chairs Jan Pritchard and Kim Robinson

The purpose of our biennial Auction is to put in place sustainable plans to fund Student Programs and Higher Education Scholarships. Your generous donations from the 2017 Auction and the yearly Celebrate Campaign established a plan that recently funded the…
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100% Juice for Kids

food backpacks 4 kids

In February of 2019 the Longbranch Foundation awarded the Food Backpacks 4 Kids (FB4K) program $1,000 toward the acquisition of juice cartons for kids. In response, FB4K sent the Longbranch Foundation a thank you letter. On Thursday, May 19th, 2019,…
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Evergreen Elementary Thanks Longbranch Foundation for Donation

Evergreen Elementary Thank You Letter to the Longbranch Foundation Feb 2019

In January, 2019, from generous donations by members of the Longbranch Improvement Club and the Community, The Longbranch Foundation donated $1,500 to Evergreen 5th Graders to attend Environmental Camp. In February, 2019, Evergreen Elementary Principal Hugh Maxwell sent the donors…
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