Longbranch Foundation May 2024 Newsletter

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The Longbranch Foundation – New Logo


The Longbranch Foundation (TLF) is often confused for The Longbranch Improvement Club (LIC), but in fact we are actually two different organizations with two different purposes.

The LIC is a social welfare non-profit, a 501c(4), and as such any financial donations are not tax-deductible for the giver.  The Longbranch Foundation was created in 2016, to further the work The Longbranch Improvement Club started in 1921 and is a 501(c)3, a charitable non-profit and by law, the organizations are two different entities.

Our new branding program is meant to help the community understand the differences between the two organizations, our missions and purposes. We continue to support the same charitable purposes.  Look for changes to our website for a new look and easier access to make online donations and to apply for grants.


Sheryl Low


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