Communities in Schools of Peninsula thanks Longbranch Foundation

Earlier this year the Longbranch Foundation funded a $1,500 grant for Communities in Schools of Peninsula.

In September of 2018 the Longbranch Foundation received a thank you letter from Colleen Speer, Executive Director of Communities in Schools – Peninsula. In the letter, she thanked the Longbranch Foundation and noted the grant allowed six children from Evergreen Elementary to attend Camp.

One counselor at Evergreen Elementary commented: “Evergreen was thrilled to have so many additional kids have the opportunity to spend time in nature, make friends, and take a break from their tough home lives.”

“We are so grateful for your support.”

You are welcome. We appreciate all you do, Colleen. Thanks for looking after the kids.


Longbranch Foundation thank you letter from Communities in Schools Peninsula Grant 2018


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