Longbranch Foundation Launches to Help Community

The Longbranch Foundation was featured in the Key Peninsula News on February 26th, 2016:


“Residents of the Key Peninsula recently formed The Longbranch Foundation, a tax-exempt organization whose purpose is to raise funds for the preservation of historic structures, maintenance of the grounds of The Longbranch Improvement Club for public recreational use, and preservation of the environment of Filucy Bay.

The foundation will also support scholarship programs and public school activities, and support other community service organizations and activities.

The foundation is affiliated with The Longbranch Improvement Club (LIC), which was formed in 1921 for the betterment of the community.

The new foundation will focus on funding for recognized charitable activities, which will allow donors full tax deductibility for donations to the Foundation of funds, goods, and services.

The officers of the new Foundation are Clark Van Bogart (president), Francie Carr (vice president), Judy Riggs (secretary), and Jim Hettinger (treasurer).”

Read More at KeyPenNews.com

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